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Meira the Holistic Accountant

A single mother and accountant aims to create a new revolution for independence: the freedom to think and grow rich one thought and one step at a time.

Meira Findel has a vision and is taking action to revolutionize the way we all think about abundance, prosperity and wealth so we can become liberated financially from the “old world” thinking.

She has a dream that her  daughter, and every one of us, can discover a world where we all are mentally, emotionally and spiritually free to create long term financial independence and freedom, a dream of active liberation from the tyranny of a widespread poverty consciousness.

Meira Findel, professional services provider and former CFO of a large mortgage business, now known as “The Holistic Accountant” and founder of the CHAI Center for Holistic Awareness and Integration, realized through her work with many diverse clients that “Financial Independence” is about much more than the proper handling of financial matters.

” We are talking about deep seated beliefs that people hold about wealth creation in their business lives and in their personal lives. In order for me to assist people to really attain the goals they desire, it inevitably comes down to how they think, feel and react to the energy and issues around money”, shares Ms. Findel.

Across the nation there is a growing thirst among business owners and individuals alike to discover just what it is that creates sustained financial success.

Meira gives teleseminars, works with business owners and individuals across the country.

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